Looking Back on Eleven

As we usher out 2011 and once again welcome in a New Year, I've tried to go through all my posts for this past year and keep up the tradition of highlighting the monthly happenings in this little corner of the Diabetes Online Community... you know, my own Corner Booth. So, here's a time to reflect over coffee, conversation, and community.

Indiana got a new diabetes license plate, and I started my own ride with a Minimed 523 CGM, affectionately named Larry The Loaner.

We had an early start on celebrity media awareness, after Ricki Lake made a boo-boo when talking about the differences in Types 1 and 2. However, unlike many media outlets and celebrities who make errors like this and much worse, she stepped up and apologized. These things happen, but it's so telling when a person has the character to admit when they're wrong.

I had fun getting started as a board member of the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana and volunteering at my first event! Even got my blood meter pinstriped, all in the name of D-Camp!! Oh, and I got hassled by a court bailiff about using my CGM and testing my blood sugar while sitting in the courtroom.

Had the privilege of trekking to our nation's capitol for JDRF Government Day, thanks to my roles as a diabetes blogger and also a part of my local chapter's grass roots advocacy arm. It was an amazing experience full of outstandingly passionate people, and I was so grateful to really feel like we Adult Type 1s are Not Forgotten Anymore. Of course, it was an honor seeing so many friends - and Sprinkles.

We attended our 3rd JDRF Promise Gala in Indianapolis and had a blast! And at least there we saw no incidents of Assault with a Deadly Lancet, blunt or otherwise. Apparently, that only happens in schools.

How can D-Blog Week not rise to the level of being a monthly and yearly highlight?!?! Seriously. The 2011 lineup was great, and I had so much fun... particularly when thanking those random souls from my diabetic past. But one person I'm grateful isn't a stranger, but a fellow PWD and friend, is IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball who made his debut appearance in this year's Indianapolis 500!!!! Way to go, Charlie!!!!

Another personal highlight this month, although I didn't get around to writing about it until a few weeks later, was a visit to the Eli Lilly headquarters in Indy with my mom. It was truly a memorable moment we'll both remember!

Summer is busy, but the highlight for me was the third annual Roche Social Media Summit in San Diego that I was lucky to be a part of. Friends, community, advocacy, bacon, and Diet Coke... how can you go wrong there? Especially when Bennet takes his whiteboard and tries to jump out of a huge cupcake...

Ice cream and diabetes = nuff said. Hear me, Southside Times???? Yea, you heard me - and all of US. Take that, Wendell!

Aside from all that drama, it was good to have some media awareness lessons. Plus, there were some other newsworthy happenings - such as the 21st anniversary of the American With Disabilities Act and my own personal milestone of a Decade of Site Changes.

Apparently, someone thought it'd be a good idea to try and hack into an insulin pump. And then tell all the reporters about it. And that got some Congress-folk fired up. But the ever-watchful Diabetes Community again piped in to try and set the record straight.

Got all artsy again for D-Art Day, and also managed to miss out on a possible D-Meetup with a random passerby on the streets of Indianapolis.

Traveled to Kansas City for #Simonpalooza and had the incredible, life-changing opportunity to meet Simon, who traveled from Australia for a three-city North America tour to meet some members of the Diabetes Online Community.

The JDRF made a historic announcement that it was changing its logo, motto, and message to be more inclusive and multi-pronged toward LIFE with diabetes, AS we journey toward a cure. They even used a startling statistic to make their point, in what some view as a controversial way. Overall, it was the perfect month to do that, being Diabetes Awareness Month that included a great World Diabetes Day experience here in Indy. Lot of adventures, advocacy, and awesomeness.

Amazingly, the FDA kept a promise on something many of us have been working toward for a long time. So there's that, and an announcement came that our beloved dog and cat (Riley and Shadow) won a Halloween D-costume contest! And had great company, with Sara's kitten clan joining in the fun!

Overall, 2011 Lessons:
It's been a tough year with many ups and downs, personally and professionally and related to diabetes and not, but there's hope and optimism as we move forward.
This community is full of family, friends, passion and purpose. It's life-changing, and knowing you and being able to share some online space has made my year - my life - so much better. So thank you! Can't wait to see what's on tap for 2012 and Beyond!!!


Kelly Booth said…
Happy New Year Mike - I hope 2012 brings everything you want!
Jess said…
happy new year, friend! :)
Karen said…
How on earth had I forgotten about Bennet and the cupcake??
Bethany said…
I hope you have a better 2012. I have had the same condition for a few years now and I found that taking some natural health products really helps.

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