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Buying CGM Supplies at the Pharmacy

People with diabetes could be seeing a turning point in ease of obtaining supplies for continuous glucose monitors, as more of these products make their way into local pharmacies. While CGMs have traditionally only been available direct from the manufacturer or third-party supply distributors, they're now finally making their way onto the shelves of local pharmacies and even Costco stores around the country. For example, the Dexcom G6 receivers, transmitters, and sensors are  sold at discounted prices in Costco Pharmacies  for the bulk chain's member customers. Opinions may vary on just how good those discounts are, but another big benefit for customers is that instead of waiting weeks for supplies to arrive in the mail, you may be able to walk out the door of your local pharmacy in a day or two with everything you need. Along with Dexcom, the Abbott FreeStyle Libre system supplies are also available at pharmacies, and CGM maker Medtronic Diabetes is exploring phar