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The Lowdown on Hypoglycemia (Dangerously Low Blood Sugars)

My hands start shaking. Cold shivers creep in, despite the warm sweater I'm wearing. My vision blurs, to the point where I can't clearly see what's right in front of me... These are just a few of the symptoms I experience when my blood sugar dips too low, or in other words, when hypoglycemia sets in. As someone living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) since childhood, this is an all-too-frequent reality that I've learned to cope with. Technology can certainly help prevent these hypos, but it's not a guarantee and I still experience them quite often. Not everyone feels the same symptoms when their glucose levels drop, and many T1Ds — myself included — sometimes don't feel any symptoms at all to alert us of plummeting glucose levels. That's known as " hypoglycemia unawareness " and it's something particularly dangerous overnight, as we don't always wake up to treat a low with necessary sugar, which can lead to a seizure or even death. Fear and avoi

Welcome to the End of the World?

Well, did anyone think this is what 2020 would look like? Global pandemic and worldwide public health emergency, everything shutting down and a potential economic collapse on the horizon. Holy fuck. ' A "Pandemic (in Quarantine) Playlist on my Spotify is now a thing, and my own remote worklife now in its 8th year has taken on an eeerie new spin. As are my watchlists full of dystopian and post-apocalyptic TVs and movies for streaming in these strange times. All of my work travel and conferences for the spring have been nixed, and we're all watching closely to see what the impact may be for summer events. What about my "underlying health condition" that is type 1 diabetes? So far, so good. No signs of anything astray. As I've shared over on DiabetesMine, I have been using the Tandem t:slim X2 device since mid-October 2019. That followed three-and-a-half years of Multiple Daily Dosing with pens and Afrezza inhaled insulin insulin. I starte