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Jerry the (Cuddly Stuffed) Diabetes Bear Making Global Strides

Have you met Jerry the Bear with Diabetes? He's the cute, cuddly stuffed animal who lives with type 1 himself, and he's made incredible strides in the decade since he was first dreamed up by a group of creative college students; Jerry the Bear has evolved into a beloved figure in our Diabetes Community who's making his way into hundreds of homes and clinics around the world. Did you know that Jerry visited the White House and was in the same room as a sitting president? He's gone on a backpacking adventure through New Zealand, traveled to myriad diabetes conferences, hosts his own fun mobile app, and is now participating in a clinical pilot program to help teach kids and families about living with T1D. What's also huge is that Jerry's price-tag has dropped drastically since he first came on the scene -- making him more affordable than ever for those who want to welcome him into their T1D worlds!  Meet Jerry, Our Fuzzy Diabetes 'Design C