Yes, We CAN Eat Ice Cream!

Sponsored each year by the American Dairy Association of Indiana, this event celebrates National Ice Cream Month and recognizes the Hoosier State’s #2 ranking in U.S. ice cream production. It happens on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For just $3, guests can indulge their taste buds with gigantic sundaes made from Edy’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream and drizzled with Smucker’s chocolate, strawberry, caramel, or butterscotch syrups. Sundaes will be served by more than 30 “celebrity” scoopers that include local media personalities, sports notables and business dignitaries - including Tony Hoard of America’s Got Talent.

All the proceeds this year go directly to the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, which runs the only D-Camp in Central Indiana and supports, educates and encourages young people with Type 1 diabetes. (Disclosure: I am a DYFI board member.)

So, if you happen to be in or around Indianapolis: stop on by!

Now, we have to get into some ranting and raving. I wasn’t planning on it, but it’s unavoidable. I need to vent. So please, accept my apologies from the start for any asshattery that follows. And in respect to the above-mentioned Disclosure, nothing posted here is meant to signal my speaking for anyone but myself. It’s my blog, and I write what I want.

(/Ranting Digression Begins):

A message to the point: Yes, we CAN eat ice cream.

It’s a myth to think otherwise.

This is specifically in response to Mr. Eco Chef who made it a point to call up and berate my friend, Fellow Adult Type 1, and passionate D-Camp Director about the evils of sponsoring this kind of event where we’re encouraging people to eat ice creamy sugar in the name of Type 1 diabetes.

First, you might want to start off by understanding there’s more than one type of diabetes. Go look it up. Insulin is necessary for any human and everyone needs it to live – whether it’s natural in a working pancreas or artificially supplied by syringe or medical device.

So, before you open your pie-hole and criticize what you believe is an "atrocity," get your facts straight about the condition you're focusing your misinformed energy on. This isn't the Diabetes Dark Ages, and we can responsibly eat what we want as People With Diabetes.

Onto the myth… That we can’t eat cookies or ice cream or anything of the sort. It's a myth perpetuated by those who are convinced that any ounce of sugar is pure evil and will likely lead to an otherwise avoidable death.

For those in the know, clearly this isn’t true. We People With Diabetes know based on our daily regular experiences of Living With Type 1 Diabetes that we can eat sugar or pretty much whatever we want – assuming we correctly calculate the carbs it breaks down into and then we take the correct amount of insulin for what we’ve consumed.

Maybe in the old days, the "no sugar" mentality was the way it was. Before diabetes management and technology and medical professional knowledge evolved to what it is today. Now, it's pretty common knowledge for those who actually want to know or care - that we CAN eat sugar and ice cream.

Those who think otherwise need a clue. Just like you may think you can "reverse" Type 1 diabetes or cure yourself of this autoimmune chronic condition, you are sorely mistaken. I direct you to a video, to view at a time after you pull your thick head from the confines of your ass. (A.K.A. What NOT to say to the Parent of a Child With Diabetes.)

Obviously, eating a tub of ice cream every day isn’t healthy for anyone – including those with any form of diabetes. And it may not help our waistlines. But an occasional ice cream sundae with sugar-free chocolate syrup, at an ice cream social, is not going to kill us.

Oh, and a specific note to you, Mr. Self-Proclaimed Eco Chef Extraordinaire: You truly suck. Next time you have the urge to tell a young lady so incredibly dedicated to a charity that there’s a “special place in hell" for her, please don’t. If you don't support the message or focus of a fun event, don’t attend. We exercise that ability regularly by not tuning into your stupidly idiot cooking segment on the morning news every other Saturday. We stay classy, and it'd be nice if you did the same even if that’s a stretch for your close-minded melon of a brain to comprehend.

There’s no need to condemn us as an organization for being a part of this ice cream social, saying that we’re a lost cause and have sold our souls. Clearly, your claim that “no child with diabetes should have sugar” shows what a moron you are. You may proclaim to be “an educator who travels around the U.S. ‘reprogramming’ people on how to eat healthy,” but I say you're an uninformed fool twisting the facts to suit your own agenda. And for that, I call bullshit on you.

So, I dare you to show up and protest. I double-dare you. Seriously, I do.

Don’t make me summon the D-Mob. Just like you wouldn’t like Dr. David Banner when he gets angry, you certainly wouldn’t like the outcome of pissing off the D-Community. I guarantee it. We’ll go all Incredible Hulk on your ass, medieval style.

Some may be thinking at this point: This Hoskins guy is mad, over-reacting, going off the rocker on someone in much the same way as the above-criticized Wonder Chef did in the first place. Yep, that may very well be. I am mad. Probably over-reacting. Acting like an ass-hat.

But there's a difference: at least I know What The Fructose I'm talking about, not sanctimoniously criticizing someone without first knowing what I'm ranting about. From one asshat to another asshat, Chef: I Call Bullshit on your asshattery.

Why is this so important to rant about? Because so often, kids are made to feel different because they can't have ice cream. Or a cookie. They are singled out in class and made to feel different. Other kids make fun of them. They aren't invited to sleep overs or birthday parties because other parents are too scared of what could happen because of diabetes. As adults, People With Diabetes are criticized by friends, family, and co-workers over every little thing they eat.

Most of the time, it's because of this perpetuated stereotype and myth that fuels this. People don't understand that it's OK for diabetics to enjoy treats in moderation. We can because of modern medicine and health management.

And the kind of crap you spew damages our efforts as a community to make people more aware of what is and is not true. So for that, I denounce you and your despicable tactics.

(Digressive-Rant Completed, after taking a breath or two – or 12 – and avoiding any more rise in my blood pressure… Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.. La la la la.)

So with that, I’m off to the ice cream social on Monument Circle, where I’m going to be a volunteer scooper and will most definitely enjoy a hot fudge sundae and some good times in general – all to benefit D-Camp!!!

On second thought, laced with calm and sprinkled with smart-ass: Mr. Chef, please join us. I’ll offer you a sundae. But no cherry.

And if you show up, I'll be pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name.


Anonymous said…
This is awesome! Great post!
Mike Durbin said…
Holy shit, dude! Bravo!
Lora said…
Wow! He is an Asshat!! Theres no excuse... even if you don't understand.
Crystal said…
I triple-dog dare you, Mr. Eco Chef. Show. Up. Please. ;-)

Enjoy the day, Mike. Ice cream in summer is good for the soul. Even if you Don't have a chronic condition.
Ronnie Gregory said…
what a freakn idiot guess they come in all shapes and sizes.....
Anonymous said…
Oh, please have a scoop of ice cream for my very healthy and active child with type 1 diabetes. She CAN eat ice cream too!

It would have been fine for him to be critical in an informed and level headed manor, but telling someone with good intentions that she will go to Hell crosses the line.
OH EM GEE!!! You are my hero!! (I know I just said that on Twitter but it needed repeating.)

First of all, I applaud your rant (not that I see it as a rant) & there was no asshattery involved on your part. Where the fructose does this guy get off? And yelling at a dedicated non-profit worker most surely has secured HIS seat in hell.

Second, as a non-profit it's your job to raise money. As a reputable one, DYFI no doubt does so with respect for both the donors & the recipients. Saying that a diabetes charity is wrong to raise money via an ice cream social is like saying Lighthouse International (raises money to prevent blindness) can't have a book sale. Or that the Muscular Dystrophy Association (the non-profit I work for) shouldn't have a walk event to raise money. Even if we diabetics couldn't eat ice cream (which we TOTALLY can), why would a charity limit itself like that?

I hope that Chef Mouth-Bigger-Than-Brain shows up & I hope a LOT of people let him know that his asshattery is inexcusable. And I expect a full report from you. :P
Holly said…
Oh my gosh! I can't believe he said that to her! : O If you have diabetes, you are utilizing an "artificial pancreas"-they deserve the SAME rights (and ice cream) as everyone else!
Wish I knew better how to protest Mr. Eco Chef. : (
Please do share video and/or pictures of the event? Or a news clip? hint, hint..
ps-way to defend us all! : )
Meagan said…
You are awesome for speaking out! I had an incident with a co-worker about an ice cream social at work (and how she thought I should not attend because of D). Freaking D-Police and their ASSUMPTIONS!

So proud of you Mike!!!!! :)
Colleen said…
Have an extra scoop for me, Mike!
I do hope he shows up and you can do some educating of him.
Unknown said…

I have a few other "creative" words that we could call him, but I will save your blog from my profane though feed. xo
Sysy said…
Yes, the man needs educating and was disrespectful but I happen to appreciate YOUR more respectful and classier posts, friend.
Cara said…
Did he show??? Oh I wanna hear the story if he did.... :) Great post Mike.
How much do I love this post?? A lot. A LOT.

This dude has no idea what he's gotten himself in to.... The D Mob is fierce. My fingers are itching to attack...

How dare he say there is a "special place in Hell for someone like you"?!? Personally, I think there's a special place for HIM.

To Mr. EGO Chef,
Don't you dare tell my child - my skinny, healthy, active child who did NOT get this disease from eating too much ice cream - that she can't have something. Don't you dare make her feel different. And don't you dare insinuate this disease is her fault or our fault.

I'll leave it at that and practice some deep breathing!

Have fun, Mike! Have some ice cream for us! WE know the truth!
Unknown said…
Guess who has two thumbs and is going to get an ice cream cone on her way home from getting bloodwork today just to spite this Chef? *THIS* Type 1!

Some of us are just chubby from genetics, okay?
Joanne said…
You. Are. Awesome. I loved this post so much that I think I might just run away and marry it.

Mr. Asshat needs to get a clue... my daughter ALREADY (at the tender age of 3) realizes she is different and it affects her. So I should restrict what she eats to further her feelings of alienation? Jerkwad.

Anyway... thanks for the link to the video. Methinks he's not bright enough to get it.
Carey said…
Love it! Well said.
Anonymous said…
As the mother of the young lady that was told there was a place in hell for her, I am still having trouble calmingdown. My daughter, a type 1 herself, spends more time and energy than anyone can imagine working to help the D kids that she so dearly loves. I want to thank you Mike for this Blog. It has helped so much to sooth my anger.
Misty said…
Wow! You rock Mike! This was a well deserved rant my friend! Hope he gets a wake up call.
Helen said…
Good for you!! I'm sure the day was wonderful as you were able to dispel the myths that permiate around all types of diabetics. Thank you for doing so!
Sue Rericha said…
Now I want some ice cream! LOL
claire said…
True! Type 1 diabetics could eat ice cream in moderation.

Well said, man!
Judith said…
Well, with a diabolically whimsical scourge like the D, generalizations should be avoided. I certainly can't eat ice cream without a huge spike. And from what I have read here and elsewhere, it's not necessarily healthy to "eat what you want" and cover it with a whole lot of insulin. But to each his own approach.....
Moderation in everything is what one of my old dieticians used to tell me and she was diabetic as well.
Adam Bruk said…
Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed reading your story about the ice cream event and how ignorant people can be thinking that diabetics can't have an ounce of sugar.

I hope it's ok if I contact you here since I couldn't find an email address for you. I work for a company based in Greenwood, and I wish I could have attended the event; our company is a big supporter of the diabetic online community and outreach! I'd like to get in contact with you to learn about other events in the Indy area my company can help out with (in terms of sponsorship, donations,etc...). Please get in contact with me at

Thank you!
Scott Strange said…
wow, go out of town for a few and look at all the stuff I miss!

Great post Mike!
Anonymous said…
Mike, Thanks for letting that idiot know what kind of a jerk he is. I am a type 2 & have run into the non-D know-it-all more than once. So far none have been that bad & I have tried to educate them--but who knows how much takes. Keep up the good work.

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