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The Hypo That Changed My Mind About CGM in the Cloud

Even with all my excitement about diabetes data-sharing and the very cool CGM in the Cloud hacking project, I've not been convinced this is the time for me personally to embrace that technology. In other words: in these times of #WeAreNotWaiting, it had pretty much been in the mindset that I Am Waiting and not signing on to this data-frenzy myself just yet. That is, until one day very recently when a severe hypo kicked me in the gut and changed my whole outlook on this. That experience pushed me over the edge in deciding that I am going to move forward with CGM in the Cloud. Yes, I think I'm going to jump into this cloud-universe, even though I still have concerns and don't know how long it will take me to get 100% up and running. CGM in the Cloud, For Dummies? Before I dig into the low that changed everything, let me explain that when I first started following all the chatter about this so-called Nightscout project this  summer, I hardly understood the basics of what i

Restless Sleeping

I love sleep. Even if I don't get enough of it by my own doing, closing my eyes and letting my mind drift off into dreamland is a good feeling. But lately, my sleep has been a little restless. Not in the way where my mind's working endlessly and reluctant to calm down, but rather my body has a mind of its own. I come to bed, but can't sleep because my foot is itching or even a little painful. Same with my leg, and I sometimes need to wiggle it or even let out a sort of kick to tide it over. These past number of days, that's been happening with my arms. Of course, this all frustrates Suzi and prompts her to tell me to "Stop Wiggling" next to her. I'm afraid that neuropathy and diabetes complications are weaving their way back into my sleep routine, and causing me to fidget and not sleep. And inevitably, I find myself thinking it's just easier to go sleep in the other room or on the couch. This has been off and off for more than a decade no

Labor Day Pump Sighting While Buying a Belt

It was Labor Day, and we were at the local outlet mall to buy a few items. Hey, I needed a new belt. Or two, since I actually needed both a black and brown one for my casual and more dressy outfits. So there we were, doing some holiday shopping. On the way to the checkout counter, I glanced at my G4 receiver. It was an hour or so after dinner, and my blood sugar was shooting upwards toward 200 and beyond. All because I'd been blurry-eyed, grumpy Low and decided not to bolus for my dinner right away. And then, I had forgotten. And so, it was time to bolus up. So as we walked toward the register where we'd pay for my 2 new belts, I unholstered my Medtronic 723 pump from my belt and pushed the arrow for the overdue dinner bolus. As a result of my distraction, Suzi took the lead at the register to pay while I finished off the bolusing. And just as I holstered my pump and felt the insulin going into my body, I heard these words come at me: "Are you a diabetic, t