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Mutt Strutted Out

We took Riley out for the adventurous Mutt Strutt 2008, put on by the Indy Humane Society - a 2 1/2-mile walk around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval. Bright sunny day, nice breeze, thousands of dogs. Riley had a blast. We were part of the IBJ work team, calld "Paper Trained" and had shirts and all. Dozens of booths and tents set up outside the track, where companies and businesses were displaying pet products and giving away free samples. Riley got a few snacks. She had a great time, but so often wanted to play with the many other pooches there but couldn't get us to loosen the leash grip much. Big and little pools of water along the way, and areas to dispose of droppings - which were everywhere, on the track, grass, as everyone strolled around the oval. Our energetic pup got her workout. There was a shorter 1-mile route, but we took the longer route! We got some fun photos - including on the track by the logo, and on the famous Yard of Bricks at the finishline.