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Health Care Issues

Getting back into the swing of diabetes-management is always a challenge, when you've drifted far from the coast of control for so long. But that's been my adventure for the past couple weeks, and it's revealed the surprise and realization that - despite my thoughts to the contrary - my health hasn't been all that out of whack. A recent A1C was higher than it should be, but had dropped from the one more than a year ago. With the aid of a new Minimed Paradigm 722 that came to replace the now-discontinued Deltec Cozmo I'd navigated for two years, all seemed well again in the carb-counting and blood testing world as the levels are becoming more consistent and pleasing to the eye. The D-Life seemed good, once again. Then came the unexpected battle this week, one that may evolve to other levels in the coming months. With my push for tighter control, I'd discussed with my trusted endo that it would be a good time to explore the CGMS. We agreed recently to move forwa