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On Dogs and Golf...

Not long ago, my dad and I got together for a game of golf. We had a swell time, and of course chatted about family and our beloved black lab, Riley.   Particularly, the Riley Dog's love for squirrels and her mission to capture them. Somehow, this golfcourse conversation derailed into the pros and cons of having dogs out there on the golf course and how it'd be GREAT to teach them to carry our clubs... Or drive the cart for us. And so, this came about... Thanks to the very talented cartoonist Jerry King (who also does some great drawing over at DiabetesMine !), since he took some of his own time to draw up my imaginary golf course scenario for a favor... Much appreciated!!

Behind the Wheel with Diabetes

 Fingers gripping the steering wheel, a dizziness setting in — with a knowledge that the cold sweats and soon-blurring vision are on the way. Whatever the reason for the plunging blood sugar, the reality in that moment is that you are going low and need to do something about it. To pull over. To check. To eat something. But as sometimes happens when floating in a hypoglycemic daze, you can't bring yourself to take action even though you know it's needed. The brain just isn't connecting and forcing you to pull that treatment trigger. I've been there. More than once. And they've been life-changing lessons that have influenced my driving habits. With National Drive Safely Week running the first week of October, this seemed like ideal timing to share some personal stories about the dangers of driving with diabetes. My two significant driving-while-low experiences both happened during the workday, when I managed to find myself behind the wheel while