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Insulin Prices: Gold Vials and Canadian Pharmacies

  Gold vials are sent to lawmakers to raise awareness. Image via Lija Greenseid. As outrage over insulin prices continues across the country, diabetes advocates are inventing ever new ways to help their peers in need. A D-Mom in Minnesota has launched what’s known as The Gold Vial Project, which involves making artwork from empty insulin bottles and sending them to politicians who promise to push for lower prices. Lawmakers who are on board are encouraged to keep them on hand and spread the word. Meanwhile in Kentucky, a longtime type 1 was inspired to launch a venture connecting people with Canadian pharmacies in order to purchase their life-sustaining medication at a much more affordable price than is found in America. These efforts are born of desperation. Trading and borrowing insulin In a new study published in December 2019 , over half of the participants confirmed that they've turned to the underground black market to access the medications and supp