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Keeping It Real On Medtronic's 530G

There's a lot of fuss and excitement about the newest diabetes device approved for people in the U.S.: Medtronic's long-awaited 530G system and Enlite sensor... But at the same time, there's a significant amount of frustration by PWDs (people with diabetes) and others in the know who feel they're being misled on a number of fronts about this new device. I'm one of them. Let me preface this by saying: Many are very excited about this being a huge step forward in eventually achieving the closed-loop dream, because the 530G's ability to automatically shut off insulin between 60 and 90 mg/dL is a key step forward. However, we (all) have to be honest about what this product actually is and is not -- and the vendor's enthusiasm cannot fuel too-pushy sales pitches and marketing efforts. First off, this device is NOT an artificial pancreas , but rather just one piece of the puzzle required to eventually create one. Unfortunately, Medtronic's been sitting back a