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Sometimes I Lie

Confession time. Sometimes, I lie about my diabetes data. Just like I did back in my teen years, I tell fibs when it comes to my blood sugars. But unlike those days back in the 90s, this is real-time D-lying and it's mostly during the middle-of-the-night hours. The reason: To shut my D-tech up when it's getting on my nerves. When it's late at night, and all I want to do is sleep, my Dexcom CGM sometimes decides that the sky is falling and my blood sugar is Low. So, it decides to start vibrating incessantly and then beeping just to make sure I haven't missed the alerts. Of course, I am connected to CGM in the Cloud and thanks to the trio of Dexcom SHARE/Nightscout/xDrip my real-time data is streamed to my wife and she's able to know where my BGs are hovering at that given time. She gets alerts on her Pebble Watch, just as I do simultaneously on my 4 CGM-connected devices (G4 receiver, regular Android phone that has Dexcom SHARE app, secondary Android phone