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If We Could Bill Our Doctors for Diabetes Care?

I received a bill in the mail the other day, recapping the costs from the most recent visit with my endocrinologist here in Southeast Michigan. One particular fee caught my eye, and made do a double-take in terms of reviewing just exactly what I'm paying for when going to see my diabetes doctor. Instead of a tidy little co-pay, a larger dollar amount screamed from the statement, delivering what felt like a punch to the gut. On top of that, this additional charge caught me off-guard: This is the 8th endo I've seen in the three-and-a-half decades with type 1 diabetes, and while this is by no means the highest bill I've ever been sent for a single office visit, that particular fee ruffled my feathers more than others. Sure, I've noticed the fee schedule before: a $5 processing charge for calling in a prescription; $10 for obtaining blood sugar logs or lab documents; and $25 for a pre-authorization letter to insurance or a form letter for traveling. These "physician se