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Oh, Canada - Diabetes Friends For Life 2018

You can never fully appreciate the magic of a Friends For Life diabetes conference until you have the opportunity to attend one yourself. For me, that chance came most recently with a short journey to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Just picture a beautiful rainbow shining in the misty sunlight over the great natural wonder of the falls, and that's pretty much how I felt being surrounded by "my diabetes tribe" in Canada, those who "get it" when it comes to living with diabetes. I've been lucky enough to attend a few different FFL events over the years, from the big summer conference that brings thousands to Orlando, FL, each July to other smaller events sprinkled around the country. This #FFLCanada18 gathering in early November (just as Diabetes Awareness Month kicked off) was my first one outside the U.S. and certainly made an impact. Like all the wonderful FFL events, it featured a variety of talks on all manner of diabetes topics -- from managing exerci