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(Re) Navigating The Waters of Diabetes

Published this post initially in March 2010 . But it's again how I am feeling, after being reminded by Kerri Sparling in a great post she wrote recently. So, here it is again. In The Waters Again Sky is dark. Clouds hover overhead, trapping the light behind a veil of darkness, a haze that stops you Source . from seeing what's ahead. A bright spot, a break in the clouds, can be seen ahead on the horizon where the sun shines through. That's the destination.  But it's not an easy path. This journey means you must ride the river. A dangerous river. Toward that place off in the distance, a spot you hope isn't a mirage as you desperately try to reach it. This river is riddled with rough patches. A rocky, wave-splashing-against-the-shore type of river. Rocks sit in strategic spots along the river, aimed solely at catching you off-guard and pitching you helplessly into the waters. The only salvation is a small little raft - a Log - that