Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Yes, I'm that guy posting about politics the day after the election.

I realize that no one cares about this anymore, and that it's hardly what anyone wants to read a blog post about. But being who I am, this is more about chronicling my own thoughts and all that jazz. This is for me, not anyone else.

So, here goes.

Most of the people I voted for on Nov. 6, 2012 won their races, and I'm pleased with their wins.

Including the president.

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 because I believed he wanted to bring a change to the political climate in this country. I agree with many of his policy decisions, but disagree on some. I see the U.S.A. moving forward, making progress, even though many of us aren't doing "as good" as we were five years ago.

This is a different world now, and it means everyone needs to reassess what "good" means and adjust their understanding and acceptance of what their standard of "normal" must be.

I voted for President Obama in 2012 because I think he is helping our country move forward, not only internally but globally. We didn't fall off the edge of a cliff as I think we would have unless something changed, and I see us moving away from that cliff as time moves on.

Here's to stepping further away and climbing out of the canyon we're still in.

Still, no matter who's in office and leading this country, there's no magic bullet. All the politicians are pretty far off from where they need to be. This is a mult-year marathon, not a few-year sprint.

And I don't think we'll get very far, even though our president has more time to nurture what he's put into action

That's because the divide is more pronounced than before. On one hand, that illustrates the beauty of a country where its people can disagree and discuss issues freely. But it also means the gridlock continues. No matter who's in power, the cloud of ineffectiveness and political divide doesn't go away.

Here's to hoping that some things can get done, and we can move forward as a country.