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Parents Push for Better Emergency Insulin Access After Son's Tragic Death

Even years following the death of their son, Dan and Judy Houdeshell in Ohio still don't fully know what led to his death. What the still-grieving parents do know is that 36-year-old Kevin Houdeshell ran out of insulin over the New Year's holiday in January 2014, and he ended up with dangerously high blood sugars that spiraled into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), leading to him die alone in his apartment. In the aftermath of that horrible tragedy, the Houdeshells are doing what they can to make sure nothing like it happens to anyone else. The D-parents have fought for a new law in their state to allow pharmacies to distribute an emergency supply of insulin to those who needed it. That law has been adopted in their home state of Ohio and as 2017 moved forward that legislation is being emulated nationwide: in the three years since their son's death, 5 states have passed Kevin's Law , and several other states are looking to join the ranks. "It's som