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Diabetes and Ice Cream: Yes, We Can!

  We're in the hottest time of summer now, when many of us have nice cold ice cream on the mind. July also happens to be National Ice Cream Month AND the third Sunday of each month marks National Ice Cream Day , so what a totally perfect time to revisit the topic of ice cream and diabetes -- and the universal questions it brings.   Can People with Diabetes Eat Ice Cream? The other day, after a casual dinner at home, my wife and I went out for ice cream. We'd opted to leave the air-conditioned safety of our home on this 90+ degree day, to head for an ice cream parlor that's just a short stroll from our house. As we stood there pondering the particular ice cream creations that sounded best, I glanced at my Dexcom CGM to see where my blood sugar happened to be and what that would mean for my carb counting and insulin dosing. Seeing a 97 mg/dL on my receiver, I smiled and rattled off the number to my wife who had already moved toward the counter to tell the cle