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DeBriefing the First-Ever Roche Diabetes Social Media Summit

Written by Amy Tenderich at DiabetesMine in July 2009 It's difficult to describe the feeling of being physically in the same room with 30 people with whom you have a longstanding online intimacy, seeing their faces and hearing their voices in the flesh. With the likes of David Mendosa , Jeff Hitchcock , Manny Hernandez , Scott King , Kerri Sparling , Fran Carpentier , Scott Johnson , Kelly Kunik and a whole mess of other bloggers and heads of online D-communities gathered, it felt something like a meeting of the mafia bosses — in a good way. Meaning all these "influencers" were at last sitting under one roof, heatedly debating the future of our respective/collective turf. And here we all are: As I have shared leading up to this event, Roche had reached out to me to help organize this first-of-its-kind event bringing patient advocates together from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC). We bloggers and social network aficionados have been calling for the me