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What I Loved and Feared About Nightscout From the Start

I have to be honest, Nightscout is awesome. It's great having my CGM in the Cloud and being able to share that blood sugar data with others, and giving myself more access to viewing my data when and where I want in a form that helps me. First impressions were strongly positive, and I stand by all of that. Additional observations, from my first six weeks of using my "early Christmas gift" strapped to my waist and wrist: The alerts annoy me at 80 and 180. I'd prefer 70 and 200. -- ( UPDATE : I have learned, thanks to Sara , that a Pebble update allows me to customize alert ranges -- so that's awesome!!!) Most of the time, I keep my Pebble on "Quiet Mike" mode which uses a CGM Sleep Mode watchface created by a fellow Nightscouter. But when not quiet, I've seen the tighter range makes me work harder to stay in that range and have tighter control just to avoid the annoying vibrations. Interesting... Recent trip to California was a big test driv