Setting The Stage

All I can say is WOW.

A weekend in Kansas City with a group of about 30 friends was beyond words, and so far I don't have the energy or ability to express the awesomeness of it in writing.

But, to start, i thought we could set the stage with some great photos:

There was Diet Coke...

Oh yes, there was.

'I'm NOT addicted to Diet Coke. I can quit anytime I want.' - says, with 3 cans on table.

How'd YOU react seeing this after deboarding a plane???
Stunned or Scared?... :))
Then, there was the Airport Group Greeting:

<-------- US

SIMON!! ----->

Simon, overwhelmed to the point of needing to sit down.

The #Simonpalooza KC Leg's Airport Welcoming Group - Photo provided by Sara's Camera

After fun, food, more fun, and even more fun, we heard the rumors of Blunt Lancet actually be spotted on their tour!!!!

Jeff Mather, Kelly Rawlings, Kim Vlasnik, & Mr. Simonpalooza.

Before dinner on Saturday night in Kansas City, we even stumbled upon a a four-man quartet who decided to audition for the #simonpalooza tour!

They were impressed by the band name, Blunt Lancet...

The #simonpalooza KC Tour even had its own mascot for the weekend – BELLA!!

Becca on alert for Lows, with Heather.

It was truly a great time!

Most noteworthy, community and friendship were on display for everyone to see, in person or via the online universe, and it was simply spectacular.

More will be posted down the road, as I’m able to process everything and find the time and energy to get it into words. Hopefully, this sets the stage.

In the meantime, you can find great recaps in other places from those who were there. An essential starting point is Moments of Wonderful where Sara created an amazing video with a now-household D-Message: You Can Do This. You can find that here:


Jess said…
fabulous sum-up, mike! i haven't even really begun to process the awesomeness of everything that happened. seriously. i'm so glad you were there and we got to hang out! :)
Meagan said…
I would sooooooo have loved to have been there!!!!!!!! Looks like a blast. How amazing that you all were able to get together with the adorable Simon. Thanks for sharing the all you D-Peeps!!!!
Cara said…
Whoever that random diet pepsi can in the pile belonged to: I love you. :)
shannon said…
sounds so fun! thanks for the pics!
Awesome recap, dude! So when's the reunion tour? :P
Haha! Love seeing the pictures like that - really does add to the story.

And for the record, I'm not addicted. :-)

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