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NEWSFLASH: Animas Exiting Insulin Pump Market

After nearly two decades, the Johnson & Johnson-owned Animas brand of insulin pumps is shutting down. In the early morning hours on Thursday (Oct. 5), J&J issued a press release that finalized nine months of speculation on the future of its diabetes insulin pump division. Effective immediately, no more Animas pumps will be sold in the USA or Canada, and it's TBD what will happen to the brand internationally. Pharma giant J&J has been "strategically evaluating" its three diabetes divisions since January, deciding whether to prop them up financially, sell them off, or shut them down. While many have speculated that an end was near for Animas and possibly even J&J's OneTouch and Lifescan meter brands, nothing has been official until now. The meter brands remain under evaluation, but its pump business is done and J&J has signed an agreement with competitor and market leader Medtronic to take over servicing existing Animas customers.

A 'Caffeinated Diabetes Pirate' Addresses the Insulin Pricing Crisis

Naturally, patient advocates come in all shapes and sizes -- and with all manner of fascinating personal interests. Today we're happy to host longtime type 1 Scott Mullins in North Carolina, who fancies himself a pirate and jack of all trades.   Diagnosed as a baby back in November 1983, the now 35-year-old married father of three and coffee fanatic tells a great tale of his medical woes that includes a sponge pancreas, Dr. Langerhans (who discovered the cells that secrete insulin), video game production, and even a multi-tentacled healthcare monster that's after our wallets. So grab your cup of java or whatever you may prefer, and sink into Scott's quirky POV here at the 'Mine today. A Tale of Coffee, Odd Jobs and Chasing Insulin - by Scott Mullins Clearly I enjoy a good pirate theme. But let's start with the obvious: Why is my online name Caffeinated Diabetic? Well, a phrase of mine is that I survive on insulin and coffee. At this point I'