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An Exclusive (Diabetes) Chat with Rock Legend Mick Jones of Foreigner

Photo credit: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty images Being a huge classic rock fan, one of my all-time favorite groups is the legendary Foreigner, that’s brought us incredible tunes like Cold As Ice, Hot Blooded, Urgent, and I Want To Know What Love Is (to name a few). I’m a big classic rock geek and huge fan especially of Foreigner’s music from the 80s, and I’ve even been known to put my own diabetes spin on their music — changing up their classic rock hit Jukebox Hero to humming “Juicebox Hero.” So, imagine my excitement when learning that Foreigner was not only coming to my local Metro Detroit for a two-week tour with Michigan native rocker Kid Rock in August 2015, but also playing a private charity event benefiting the JDRF that would feature a live acoustic mix of its classic song favorites. OMG…! That’s about as cool as it gets, right?! I’ve been lucky to chat with pop singer Nick Jonas before, and a few years ago met 80s rocker Bret Michaels at a diabetes event, but this feels like a wh

My Formative First Years of Coffee

I don't remember the first cup of coffee that ever crossed my lips. But I do remember when coffee first became "a thing" for me, something I craved and wanted to drink up. Simply put: It was all about Coffee & Conversation, and the two went hand-in-hand. Everything came together at a local open-all-night diner dubbed Linda's Place, in my hometown of St. Clair Shores. That was the spot that became a second home of sorts back in the mid-90s, especially during my latter years of high school. A good friend and I would make a plan to go there at all hours -- whether it was in the not-so-late evening hours, the after-midnight hours when our writing pens would magically come alive, or even during the morning or afternoon hours when we were supposed to be stationed at school. Sure, I may have tried coffee before then and tasted it every so often, but never did I enjoy it the way that I started to in high school. Coffee was an acquired love, one more about the experi