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Sportscasting My Diabetic Retinopathy in a Pandemic

These are strange, surreal times of the COVID-19 crisis. We're all in various forms of lockdown, everything we know is different and what once seemed "normal" is anything but these days. Yes, I have a Spotify playlist dubbed "In Quarantine Pandemic Playlist." And while I've been a remote worker with a home office for most of the past decade, everything in 2020 is now quite different -- except a high-level, the fact that I still have type 1 diabetes and need to maintain everything as far as D-management, public health emergency or not. Alcohol wipes and rarely-changed lancets have taken on new meanings these days, and the thought of having enough supplies and meds on hand while navigating my D-care via telehealth are certainly realities lately. We are without live real-time sports. The baseball season's postponed and dramatically different, there was no March Madness college basketball and the professional hockey season's on hold. Many have turn