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Less Alcohol, Healthier Mindset for 2023

I've been enjoying my alcohol drinks a bit too much during the past several years. This has not gotten to a point where I've developed a problem. But it's just been too much, which has led to a number of health-related effects: weight gain, less-stable blood sugars, and probably just a stresser on my kidneys overall. Now granted, with the weight, alcohol alone hasn't been the issue. I've also enjoyed snacking. Working from home for so long has allowed this to happen in the middle of the day while working, as well as in the later evening hours when just relaxing and watching TV or hanging out at home. However, my reality for a good amount of time has been to have multiple drinks per night — whether it's a beer, craft brew, or bourbon and Diet Coke. As the saying goes, moderation is key. And I haven't been moderating to the best of my ability. After experiencing a severe stomach flu in mid-January and being dry for a 2-week period, I'd lost the interest in