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Honoring Women in Diabetes History

  Hopefully you’re all aware that March is  Women’s History Month , and March 8 marks International Woman’s Day every year. With that, we are proud to highlight some of the influential women who’ve made an indelible impact on our Diabetes Community. The list below reflects on decades past as well as women out there who are actively making a difference even as you read this. Without a doubt, our D-world would not be the same without these women. So if you’ve never heard their names, now’s your chance to give a little nod of thanks. Dr. Priscilla White An early pioneer in diabetes, Dr. Priscilla White practiced alongside the legendary Dr. Elliot Joslin in Boston and co-founded the Joslin Diabetes Center, not long after the discovery of insulin in the 1920s. She immediately began working with children with diabetes in that clinic, becoming a trailblazer in children's diabetes care and pregnancy in the 1920s-40s (including advocacy for women with diabetes to receive