Real-People Sick

I’d meant to do a light and fun post this past Friday, breaking up the deeper thought-provoking posts from earlier in the week. But apparently, there was a different plan in place for me.

“Real person sick” was the new adventure to navigate.

The week after Thanksgiving, Suzi came down with a stomach bug. Our friendly primary care physician designated it as “The Flu.” Despite all the cautionary warnings to do the opposite, we haven’t had flu shots in a few years. No consequences. Apparently, this year was the hiccup when the flu came calling. She came down with it, and it lasted a few days before she was finally back and work and in good form again.

We thought I’d avoided it.

Last Thursday proved us wrong, and I got a “healthy” dose of being “real-person sick” in a way that was, for me, a first in several years. Not the respiratory kind of ill.

Anyhow, it wasn’t a pleasant day. A very busy and hectic work day was derailed and I also had cancel a much-anticipated JDRF Outreach meetings that morning. Wasn’t even able to work from home, as I’m typically able to do. Nope. Spent most of the day in bed, tossing and turning and eventually battling a fever that went up to 100.  The same routine mostly on Saturday, though I did improve as the day went on. Not eating anything made me weak, and even more restless.

Then there was essentially two days of not eating regular food, only grape Gatorade and regular 7up. Toast and soup the following day seemed to be OK, and some chicken and a biscuit on Sunday night about took me over the edge.

A fun ride, indeed.

But even as the “real-person sick” subsided, the diabetes front was having a ball causing chaos.

Not being able to keep any food down, Suzi threatened to drag me to the ER if it got to the point where I wasn't able to eat after two days. Being stubborn, I eventually made it happen and we avoided that scenario.

You’d think I’d be battling Lows, since it’s hard to stay High when you don’t have the energy or interest in eating anything. But no, the illness kept me elevated mostly through Friday and the weekend in the mid to high 200s, sometimes a tad higher. Even with “rage blousing” and increased basal, the numbers wouldn’t drop.

Through all of this, my Dexcom plugged along like a champ. When the sickness struck, that was day 21 of my first sensor. And it kept going all day, through Saturday, and even through Sunday pretty darn accurately. In the end, we lasted 23 days together until Sunday even when I VOLUNTARILY decided to remove the arm sensor for a “free” shower.

My pump site was another story. It was time to change my site on Friday, yet I just didn’t have the energy to do that over the weekend and on Saturday night I just disconnected completely. Went most of the day, and into Sunday afternoon, on only multiple daily injections of Humalog. At times, my sugars went into the 300s and I couldn’t tell whether the feeling in my gut was “d-related” or “real person sick” related.

Frustrating feeling, indeed.

  • You know you’re sick when you don’t feel well enough for Twitter updates.
  • Flu shots might still be a crap shoot, but they also might be justified.
  • Drinking grape Gatorade and regular 7up just doesn’t "feel right." Actually, it feels like I'm committing a crime.
  • The dog is very sad when I’m sick. The cat could care less, and seemed bothered that I was invading her "alone time."
  • My wife rules and takes excellent care of me.. and there’s just no way to express how awesome she is.
  • Even when you’re really sick, missing a day at work puts you behind. Immensely.
  • I’ve had no coffee or Diet Coke since Thursday… this is either really depressing, or the start of something important. To Be Determined.


I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend. Andrew had his first stomach flu recently since his diagnosis last year. It makes me very anxious because you never know what the blood sugars are going to do or how much you're able to eat.

You are very blessed to have such a wonderful wife that understands your diabetes and the importance of taking care of yourself. I pray that Andrew will find a caring wife just like yours!
Scott S said…
It's so funny when you say "Drinking grape Gatorade and regular 7up just doesn't 'feel right.' Actually, it feels like I'm committing a crime." because I've had those same feelings when I've been sick in the past, and couldn't even hold down the food I already bolused for. That meant correcting with sugary beverages, and left me wondering why ANYONE would actually WANT to drink that stuff. Not only did it not taste right, but it was just plain gross-tasting. Still, glad you've recovered before the holidays!
The DL said…
Just as Scott noted, I TOTALLY agree!!! I feel like I am doing something SO wrong! I'm sorry to hear you are sick, but glad that you can at least update the blog :)
Meri said…
Michael! Don't take off your pump! The pump is in its finest hour when you are sick!

(Totally unnecessary mom rant over. :)

I'm so sorry you were "real"ly sick! There is nothing worse. I realized my boys have not gotten their flu shots. You may have suffered to save my boys from future suffering! You are now a hero! I will make appointments asap!
Lizmari said…
I'm sorry you got so sick. I have to admit that, as an admin for a Diabetes group on Facebook, I had a pretty big scare this week. One of our members is a teen, very recently diagnosed, and she got the flu with some kind of infection, or something. While she was already on the mend, she got so sick, her sugars got so high I was literally begging her to go to the hospital. By the time she got there, she was already at 750. Her parents weren't thinking it was a big deal. :S Kinda was, to me... ! I am going to be getting that flu shot every year, let me tell you... And urging everyone to get one.

It might still be a crap shoot... because it's not like they cover every strain, or even the most popular strain for that year... but every little bit helps, I'm sure.

And my friend is fine, now. Normal blood sugars, and recovering quite nicely. I'm just thankful we were able to be there for her... Have to love the DOC, sometimes.
Glad you are feeling better Michael! Melissa was violently sick this week too.
It's nice to have a wife to take care of you, I just had to be on the giving end for once.
Get well soon my friend

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