Cold Ninja Fingers

Blood tests in the winter are always a challenge.

Cold temperatures do wonders on the hands to make them not want to bleed when poked by a lancet.

This seasonal hindrance happens often during this time of year. And it's annoying. Because, really... If I need to stab my fingers, I'd like to only do it ONCE. Not multiple times. With each one creating a stinging sensation thanks to the cold.

We need Ninja Fingers to survive this D-Life, but even our finger-piercing endurance isn't enough to conquer the cold temperatures.

What works, when the hands are freezing cold? Here's a few tricks of the trade I've embraced through the years.

Gloves help. No, not the cool mitten-style finger-flap ones Kim discovered. Rather, my own black leather ones that match my leather jacket or work dress coat. Not the greatest, but they help a bit.

The warmth radiated by a hot cup of coffee. Kerri would appreciate this, I'm sure. Of course, it only works without the gloves on.

Fists. Clenching. Like all angry-like. Pretend you're a boxer, like Rocky.

Rub the hands together, like you're trying to start a fire.

Rub them on the back of my leg. Or sit on them.

Run them under hot water. Just be careful not to hold them immediately under boiling hot H20 without a little prep, because that doesn't feel good.

And, when jumping into the vehicle after being outside in the cold, boosting the heat and using that to defrost the fingertips before doing a blood test. Which is a necessity before hitting the road.

Those are the most helpful tricks I've found.

But even with those little tricks, which occasionally do work, sometimes you just can't prevent the repeated, stinging finger stabs.

I'd rather not experience the Cold Fingers in the first place. But, I guess there isn't much that can be done. It's not like I can be like a hermit and stay indoors all winter... No, that wouldn't work. Sadly.

Is it spring yet? My ninja-fingers can't wait.


kim said…
oh how my poor fingers ache in the winter. and yes, the first stick never seems to work. i hate having to do it more than once, or on more than one finger!
Judi said…
If you hold your arm by your side and shake it, that seems to force blood down to your fingertips. Then they seem to bleed better.
Kate Cornell said…
Ninja fingers, I'd like some of those. Heck, I stay inside most of the time but I still suffer from the cold finger syndrome. I guess it doesn't help that I live in a cold, drafty old house. thanks for the tips for my tips!
Mike said…
I know this problem TOO well!!

Have you ever had a bloody injury (scraped knee or cut yourself while cooking or something) and thought, "DANG! All that wasted blood!"

I've contemplated testing from an injury before. :)
Redhead Living said…
We have recently started having to poke Emerson more than once to get blood, and since we are still fairly new at all of this didn't know why. It must be the cold weather...and it's really not even that cold here yet! Thanks for posting this.

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