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Almost Gone

Having insulin in the butter compartment (where else?) is like having a security blanket, something to keep me reassured that all will be OK if something goes wrong. Say, if my insulin bottle is left in the direct sunlight, slips from my hand and shatters on the floor, or just happens to evaporate without my knowing. I'm reassured that there's more in the fridge. Not at the moment. Somehow, I forgot to call in a refill in late July. I noticed in early August, but somehow managed to forget again to call in my refill. By the time I did last week, I was down to half a bottle. I'm a little nervous, especially since there's been some wire-crossing between my endo and the pharmacy in restocking my supply -- no refills, so the endo has to sign and forward a new Rx, which hasn't happened despite my calls to his office and the pharmacy. So, after a pump refill over the weekend, I am now down to probably about one more 300-unit amount (or a quarter of a vial). My

A Visit To Indy and a Diabetes Meetup

It was great to meet up this past weekend with Jillian, a fellow Type 1 D-blogger ( @Jianop on Twitter), who is from Denver and was visiting Indy for a conference. Every August, Jillian comes to Indy for the annual Drum Corps International (DCI) World Championships event. This time, it was several months after she'd started diabetes blogging over at Push My Buttons To Turn Me On (clever name!) and so Jillian reached out to a couple of us who live in Indy and might be around for a D-meetup. As it turns out, both Cherise Shockley ( @SweeterCherise on Twitter) and I were able to meetup with her on Saturday morning for breakfast at the highly-recommended Cafe Patachou in downtown Indy.. I had a blast, being able to see these two awesome ladies and chat for a couple hours... about everything from jobs, hobbies, diabetes tech and trends, along with the mysteries of Bob Evans, avocados, and the allure of darn good omelets and cinnamon toast. We also talked about our interests i

Even with God On My Side, It's My Diabetes and I Own It

A friend and I were recently chatting about our mutual belief systems and how our faith guides us in our daily lives. Diabetes was a part of the discussion, since we're both longtime Type 1s. At one point, I made a mention of "my own diabetes" in how we describe our own Lazy Pancreas Syndrome and the particular styles we each may have in managing diabetes on a daily basis. And that's where our religious beliefs came full-force into this diabetes discussion. Here's what my friend told me: "Personally, I believe that disease or any affliction is from the enemy (Satan) to kill, still or destroy (John 10:10). I believe once we 'claim' the affliction then we’ve made it easy for the enemy. " This is what she was quoting: Huh... interesting. Wasn't quite what I was expecting when that all came up. Anyhow, I let my mind chew on that for awhile. Now, I'm a Christian. Grew up on the. Protestant Lutheran persuasion in.