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The Daughter Who Inspired a Diabetes Game-Changer

A diabetes diagnosis three decades ago put it all in motion, setting the stage for one of the first online diabetes forums, back when the Internet was still in its infancy. Eventually, that would evolve into an annual conference and enormous community of diabetes families that's expanded globally and touches countless lives. That all wasn't immediate, of course. Because after all, Marissa Hitchcock Town was only 24 months old back in September 1989 when she was first diagnosed. But her diagnosis would be the inspiration. Yes, we're talking about the Children With Diabetes organization that's made an irreplaceable impact in our community over the years. Marissa's parents, Jeff and Brenda Hitchcock in Ohio, started CWD back in 1995, and nurtured its incredible growth while Marissa grew up. She's now married and a Certified Diabetes Educator working in Artificial Pancreas research with the esteemed Dr. Bruce Buckingham at Stanford University. She has