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Thousands Tune in for American Diabetes Association's First-Ever Virtual Conference

Like everything else in 2020, the biggest diabetes conference of the year was anything but normal. The American Diabetes Association's 80th annual Scientific Sessions were, for the first time ever, held completely online as a sprawling, fast-paced, virtual streaming experience. Thousands of medical professionals from across the globe tuned in for the five-day event, June 12 through 16, many in casual clothes rather than professional conference attire — from their kitchens, living rooms, and home offices with curious kids, home decor, and pets popping in occasionally. So it goes in 2020, as the world navigates the ripple effects of a global pandemic that's catapulted us into virtual business and telehealth mode. The SciSessions have been held as a huge in-person gathering consecutively since the org's founding in June 1940, with the single exception during World War II when the conference was not held. "There was a lot of trepidation about what this yea

‘The Baby-Sitter’s Club’ Books with Diabetes Character Rebooted for Netflix

The beloved book series “ The Baby-Sitters Club ” is back in the spotlight, with a new Netflix series airing in July 2020 that will breathe new life to this set of stories first published in the 1980s. It's a charming tale of friends who form a babysitter's club for their small, fictional town in Connecticut. Many people with diabetes feel a personal connection to this series because one of the main characters is club treasurer Stacey McGill, who is depicted as living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). The series, written by  Ann M. Martin , spanned  217 novels  between 1986 and 2000. There was also a  1995 movie  and a short-lived Disney series. Now, with a new Netflix series premiering July 3, 2020, the character of Stacey will be played by young actress Shay Rudolph. She's released a fun introductory YouTube clip where she reads aloud a section from the pivotal "The Truth About Stacey" book. Many women living with diabetes have commented on how "