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"No, It's Not An iPod..."

I took a couple airplane rides recently, the first since buying a Dexcom G4 CGM. Airport security was mostly hassle-free and not an issue, for the two airports I went through in my own city and then the higher-traffic one I was flying home from. They knew what my insulin pump was, and just did their thing swabbing it for possible explosives that only took a few minutes. No issues there. ( maybe because I'm currently using an Animas Ping that really does look like a medical device and is much more old-school retro looking, compared to modern-looking devices like the t:slim... ) My CGM was less understood. At both airports, the same comment came my way from a handful of security people: "All phones and iPods need to go in a bin and get scanned." My response: "It's not an iPod, it's a medical device." TSA responses varied -- "Oh." ( Read: Whatever. ) "Oh" ( with an exclamation point! ). "Really?!" (