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Quarter of a century

This marks my 25th year with diabetes. A worthy feat, particularly since I'm turning 30 years old on Feb. 1. With my diabetes anniversary, also comes the one for my mother marking her 50th anniversary. We both have cause to be thankful, as we've been blessed to have no serious ramifications of complications at this point. When she was diagnosed at 5, docs told her parents she wouldn't live past 21. That was back in the mid-50s. Obviously, that worked out. My prognosis was much more optimistic by the time this 5-year-old got the news in the mid-80s, though the looming fear of complications clouded the manageability. Years later in the teens, I heard from docs that if my poor control and high A1Cs continued I likely wouldn't live to see 30. Well, that clock is counting down on that one. Only a few weeks to go - (here's me knocking on the wooden desk...) While alive and relatively healthy, both mom and son have encountered bumps in the road, of course. She's got he

Living On

Heard a great song by Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Live On. An awesome four-minute experience, even at the 2 a.m. hour. No coffee, but enjoying some Irish or English Breakfast Tea that was part of a Christmas gift box from the parents. The dog is curled up in a ball on her blanket by the window, as I sit here typing on the home computer in our disorganized and far from clean office. Wife is sleeping down the hall, nice and snug I know as I've checked on her and laid next to her more than once. But tonight is one of those times when sleep just isn't coming easy, possibly because of aching legs and feet, much on my mind, and just simple restlessness at week's end. Of course, sitting in front of me - while I sit here with headphones strapped on and the music blaring - is a wonderful reminder of How Lucky I Am. A card that says just that. From Suzi. Just a no reason, on the spot reminder from her one day. So, it brings a smile at this late hour and lets the mind wander about life