Winter soundtrack

Spring hasn't sprung. Sinatra is playing on my iPod as this blog begins -the irony piles on heavy like the snow this past week, as the song on selection is: You Make Me Feel So Young. Ah, spring. Wouldn't that be nice. Hey, "Fairy tales do come true, it can happen to you..."

After a week in Indiana where a foot of snow has fallen, and we're still digging out and dealing with the aftermath, this song is the ultimate irony. Snow-stuck trucks, buried newspapers, pantcuffs full of snow (thanks, Suz), and missed work has made this one heck of a week. I'm ready for spring-time weather. What did that groundhog say again?

Anyhow, today was a day of massive indoor, spring-cleaning type cleaning of the house. Organizing, dusting, vacuuming, and all that good stuff. Nice. At least it looks good inside, whatever the ice and snow images are outside. After a long day of doing this, we treated ourselves to a dinner at Texas Roadhouse, using a holiday gift card from Suzi's bank and eating a $45 meal for $9 (awesome!). That's the way to do it.

Nothing particularly interesting on tap tonight, just getting lost in some music and hanging out at home. A friend from Michigan called earlier about an upcoming camping trip in July, so I'll likely call him back and that'll be my dose of warm weather activity-thinking for this weekend.

Sunday should bring some outdoor work, more shoveling and the continued saga of digging out from our late winter weather... So, sorry, Frank, spring's not yet sprung... And after shoveling, I don't feel so young, I'm not a happy individul, and this weather definitely isn't happening in Monterey. Maybe it's time to switch musical generations, when there's hope of Thunder Road, Purple Rain, Lightening Crashes, and anything else but a Bad Moon Rising in the winter.


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