Warming up (only in the mind)

We barricaded ourselves inside this weekend because of the frigid cold outdoors. Big question: What's with the cold weather?? We spent Saturday listening to the noisy winds battering the side of the house, and even a quick morning walk outside for the paper led to unusual shivering that led to staying inside. Weather.com says it's 6 degrees outside, but feels like -7 here on the southside of Indy. Of course, back in the Michigan hometown it's 3 and feels like 13 below... (Sorry, mom and dad!) And reports are that Monday is going to be the coldest, not even reaching 10 during the warmest part of the day. That's nuts. Reminds me of one of those crazy sci-fi movies about a new ice age (another great way to pass Sunday time when these are on...). Not too fond of this "massive polar vortex" and Arctic cold blast coming down from neighboring Canooks. Is this a record here? Maybe not. But coldest we've seen in the three years since coming to the Hoosier state. At least we don't have much of any snow.

Of course, then there's Florida..... Bad tornadoes. Prayers go out to everyone there who's been hit by that devastating storm. We should feel lucky here - as it could always be worse....

Bonuses have been massive sleep-catchup and classic movie-watching of The Breakfast Club, Groundhog Day and Fast Times. ("Show Dick some respect!") So now, thanks to my sleep-filled day I'm able to last longer into the night-time hours to write, enjoy movies, sip some tea, and play with the crazy cat.

Sunday is, of course, reserved for newspaper reading and Super Bowl preparation and watching, and of course victory that is no doubt headed to Indianapolis. The game will likely warm everyone up, victory or not. So, Go Colts! - (if for no other reason than to encourage the ensuing warmth that will envelop the city following a win!)


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