Oversensitive ad critics

Yet another example (or two) of a society being way-too sensative. Two groups each objecting to a pair of ads aired during the Super Bowl. Apparently, one GM ad about a suicide-dreaming robot spurred outrage from a suicide-prevention group while another Snicker's commercial showed two guys sharing a candy bar so much they join in a kiss - only to be shocked what they're doing after the sweet is gone and jumping back, doing something "manly" by ripping out some chest hair. This one drew fire from a gay advocacy group claiming it promotes homophobic behavior. Can't say I see or agree with that point, but can't say I even cared for the commercial.

Oversensitivity never ceases to amaze. First, it's banning the Pledge because some kids and parents got all bent out shape. Then, it became banning schoolyard games like tag and kickball because some parents felt their child "might get hurt." Now this. C'mon people. I fear for the next generation. Personally, I thought the Snicker's commercial wasn't that good - just not creative.

But I rather enjoyed the GM one. It was "cute." The ad, called “Robot,” opens with the yellow-colored machine in question dropping a screw while working on a GM assembly line. It’s kicked out of the plant and finds work waving a “Condos for Sale” sign and holding up a speaker at a fast-food joint, all the while appearing saddened by watching shiny, new GM vehicles drive by. As the song "All By Myself" plays in the background, the despondent robot leaps off a bridge into the water below, only to wake up inside the darkened factory and realizing it was all a dream and realizing how important quality control is.

I like it. But no, apparently critics claim it encourages people to consider suicide as a solution to their problems. GM is accused of "making fun" of depression and suicidal behavior. Yep, I'm sure that's what GM was thinking when it made the commercial. Even more disturbing is how people were voiced their shock and said, if a child would have committed suicide after viewing the ad, they would consult an attorney to sue GM... These are probably the same people suing schools when their kids kell during a game of tag or got pummeled by a dodgeball. Now, the kids will grow up being depressed because they can't handle the real world off the playground, and ultimately, end up feeling like the robot. All thanks to the parents.

Sad commentary on society. I almost miss the days when people rightfully griped about Janet Jackson exposing herself and wanting more broadcast care by the FCC.


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