Not a true "cold weather" fan

Common sense prevailed, so I'm apparently not a true Colts fan willing to endure freezing-cold weather in support of our team. That's fine - at least my ears, hands, and feet will be happily warm. The victory parade first scheduled for 4 p.m. Monday in downtown Indy (a block from where I work) was twice delayed as the team's plane was delayed, and then as players went to take warm showers prior the big pep rally at the RCA Dome. Can't blame them: I'd want to get a taste of warmth before parading out into this weather.

Rather than endure the subzero temps and windchill outside, I decided to venture home. Wasn't my first thought. I'd planned to stay before the delays, but the bitter cold got the best of me even during a quick walk from the parking garage. Of course, that emergency winter hat once sitting in my car backseat has disappeared. Nowhere to be found. My scarf and gloves just don't cut it. Even a trip to one downtown department store was fruitless, as I obviously wasn't the only unprepared downtown worker needing a hat.

Beating some traffic craziness and even more cold weather accompanying sunset, I came home to watch the parade and rally on tv - with my home's heating blasting, warm Homer Simpson slippers, and soup in a breadbowl from Panera. The only coldness will be from the beer I sip. (Which will soon be a case, as I won the previously-mentioned bet...)
Even inside, the coverage was heart-warming. It was great to see the team cheered on in the city streets, fans fighting off shivers and coldness to clap with icy hands and jump up and down to stay warm as they screamed support. Tony Dungy was video-taping, cheerleaders sitting on backs of convertibles waved blue and white pom-poms, players just waved their arms and smiled in excitement. Awesome, worth watching from inside or out.

I've never claimed to enjoy cold weather. And, being a Detroit native, it's great being associated with a winning football team. But some Indy fans have been waiting decades for this - I've only been here three years. Let them have this; it means more. Let that hat in a store, space on the sidewalk near the Circle, and glimpse of the team go to someone else who doesn't mind the cold as much.
What lesson have we learned? Simple: Warmth trumps football fan-craziness, unless you have an emergency winter hat on hand in the trunk.


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