Winter storm

TUESDAY UPDATE: The snow has arrived. Apparently, the forecasters were partially right: it's historic, in relation to the past two years. We have about 6 inches on the ground, along with layers of ice. Essentially: more north of Indy you go, more snow. Farther south, more ice. As the vening sets in, they are calling for more snow. About 3 more inches, they say. I enjoy how police tell everyone to stay home, and during these snow emergencies, they'll arrest you for being out unless it's some pre-determined authorized reason (emergency, food, medical, work). Most didn't go into the office today- we worked from home. Spent the early morning shoveling the driveway, then came inside to work. Looked outside, and the shoveled driveway was a sheet of ice. The snow ended about 7 a.m. with about 6 inches here, and freezing rain began about the same time and hasn't stopped; it's expected to go until more snow after sundown and into tomorrow. All schools are closed. Businesses shut down for the day. It's been a day in limbo... as Indiana's workforce mostly works remotely from their homes. Now, we get to prepare for tomorrow. Will it be another snowday?

Weather reports are coming in. We're supposedly set to be on the receiving end of this winter storm late Monday/early Tuesday. Word is anywhere from 6-12 inches of ice and snow could be expected. Wonderful. While we're still without a snowblower, our shovel is shuddering for action. At least now, I'm personally prepared with a winter hat, hooded sweatshirt and boots all resting and ready for action.

This all comes here after 120-136 inches of lake-effect snow hitting parts of upper New York. Yikes. While this isn't related to what's coming for Indiana, it's all being called "historic." Just wonderful. Snow-plow people tell us not to leave work early so that roads won't be jammed and they'll have a chance to clear snow and ice without traffic worrries. Of course, leaving at regular times means us commuters will get home much, much later in the evening. While I understand the point, I'd rather not leave at 5:30 p.m. and arrive home at 8 p.m. I'd rather risk the earlier venture home - regardless of what they say.

Brings to mind a question: what kind of impact will this have on the legal world? Will court proceedings be continued as people fail to show or arrive later than scheduled times? Does that mean default judgments or leniency from the judges? Are lawyers and firms prepped for this, especially after the damaging windstorms socking the city two years ago? Interesting. Will have to ask.


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