Line of duty

Two Greenwood police officers were shot - one seriously - during a minor traffic stop late Wednesday. Here's the story from the Indy Star. Apparently, one clocked a speeding car and attempted to stop the driver, who pulled into a McD's parking lot. Shots were fired, and it looks like one was shot about four times, including once in the abdomen about an inch below his vest. He's in serious but stable condition at the hospital after surgery overnight. The other officer was treated and released for a bullet to the upper leg. The 18-year-man was shot and killed at the scene.

All they were doing was pulling over a speeding car before 11 p.m., and this is what happens. People complain about police pulling them over for these violations, and not going after "real criminals." Others whine on similar notes about how officers shouldn't waste time at night pulling people over for these types of violations, that not everyone out at this hour (or later) is doing something wrong. Well, this should prove those critics wrong. Maybe this guy was on his way from shooting someone else. Or coming back from a drug deal. Or maybe he'd just robbed a store somewhere. Who knows - and these officers prevented that; unfortunately by taking bullets themselves. Everyday, we have these men and women risking their lives for us. And this stupidity is what can happen. Makes you appreciate them pulling over speeders all the more. Especially, when they're able to come out of it alive. We owe them so much. So thank you, police everywhere.


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