Sports - the way it should be

Here's the Star's account.
The Indianapolis Colts, fresh from their Super Bowl victory over Chicago in the Super Bowl, returned home to a victory parade in bone-chilling weather tonight and then greeted their fans in a tumultuous, scream-filled RCA Dome. Delayed about two and a half hours because of a late charter flight and a stop at their headquarters, the victorious team arrived in the dome riding atop trucks and on floats borrowed from the city's signature 500 Festival parade.

Last night, about 2,000 people rushed Monument Circle, including homeless fans who'd been watching in the cold. Out of that, six arrests - all of them minor, alcohol-related incidents. Compare that to the fire bombings, riots and fan fights that have erupted in other cities getting a Super Bowl win.

At the rally, Coach Tony Dungy recalled that when Irsay hired him five years ago, they agreed to shoot for the Super Bowl but to do it the "right way." They agreed to do it with "great guys. We're going to win it with class and dignity. And we're going to win it in a way that would make Indianapolis proud. And I think we've accomplished that."

This all highlights what sports is all about - this is the way sports should be played, how victories should be won and what players should represent. These Colts are role models for children. They truly care about their fans and their teammates. And the fans..... support in EVERY situation - they are true, cold-weather fans. This is a time and sports organization that makes a city proud. And Tony Dungy - what an inspiration. A coach, mentor, father. He's a great, and what a pleasure being able to be in this city to witness this.

Now, if only the Pacers and other sports teams, players, and fans can take the hint and spread it around...


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