Give Peace a Chance

President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night that Terrorist Mastermind Osama Bin Ladan was killed in a military operation in Pakistan.

Nearly 10 years after he carried out the tragic terrorist attack on America. This man who'd orchestrated so many crimes upon humanity is now gone.

On a weird historical sidenote: May 1 happens to also be the day in 1945 when Adolf Hitler was announced dead. Crazy coincidence, or alignment of the stars, or something.

 "Justice has been done." - President Obama, in his speech.


But this is bigger than the United States. This is about worldwide peace. Hopefully, now that another terrorist leader has been eliminated, maybe we can all somehow unite in peace for this world. Despite the terrors that still exists, this historic moment can generate an outpouring of support for creating that unity for all of us.

We are a global community. Let's Give Peace A Chance. Please.


Anonymous said…

God bless America.
God bless the World!

Quinn said…

Haha, joking. That was eloquently said.
Sara said…
I am feeling really divided and that I need a few more hands.

On one hand, I am happy he is dead.

On the other hand, I am pretty confident that he is in hell, and should I really be celebrating that ANYONE is in hell?

On one hand, it is great that a terrorist mastermind is gone.

On the other hand, do we REALLY think this is going to change anything? I don't see national security or anything else changing any time soon.

Definitely pro-peace, but anti empty rhetoric!
k2 said…
Happy for closure for all of us & praying for peace, tolerance & understanding.
Also praying that the politicians won't make it about their parties political agendas!
jpnairn said…
I have mixed feelings like a lot of others. I don't want to celebrate a killing. However when I start to feel guilty about feeling jubilant, I remember all of the innocent people, like those in the World Trade Center, killed by acts of terrorism.
The take away from this is that justice has been served. Justice is always a good thing, even though it's not always pretty.

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