Walking down the hallway at my office recently, the plastic pump holster keeping my Minimed 722 fastened to my belt suddenly broke off. No apparent reason.

One moment it was attached, the next my pump was dangling from my waist. Luckily, the tubing had been tucked in and the arm set wasn't impacted.

Of course, this meant I'd need a new pump holster.

Fortunately, I have backups in my arsenal of supplies at home. Three to be exact.

I've stocked up on some of these over time, after once upon a time having one of these break and not having any replacement. I prefer the holster cases, where I'm able to wear it on my waist and slide the pump out for quick easy access whenever needed. These cost a nice little chunk and so over time I've been able to stock up as they've replaced my pumps - they send a new case with the pump, but they don't want the case back so I keep them.
Another one busted a month or so ago, and so this was a relatively recent swap. So, another one bit the dust. Two others remained as backups as well as one still in the plastic baggie unopened. So when I returned home, the switch was made.

That also presented a moment to check out the other cases I have on tap: two regular pump clips for this pump, a clear plastic holster from the Deltec Cozmo I'd used a few years ago, and even four black leather pocket flip cases.

What a supply of backups, I have.

Hey, it's good to have backups - because you just never know what doorknob, wall corner, or random change in the wind may sneak up on you.


Unknown said…
The clear ones look cool. We do pump packs b/c of managing the pump tubing and going to the restroom in younger ones can lead to site destruction. However, I have asked Joe if he wanted to switch to the "holster" or the pockets of his pants as he has aged...he still likes the pump packs...I have an extra holster if you need it. Say the word and it is yours.
Judi said…
I'd like the the clear Deltec case. Those kind are nice for swimming, even though it's not the kind I use every day.
Beta Bandit said…
I misplaced my holster because I use a pump pack for outdoor activities.... I need to find it for indoor stuff.

I like the clear one though!
Celine said…
Several holsters have broken on me. After a while, the clip on the back gets loose and spins around rather than locks into place. I've called Medtronic evry time and they have sent me new ones - free of charge. I think I'm on #5 and have not paid a cent for any of them.
Trev said…
So funny, well not really, but I had the "No Cause" spring action breakage happen a couple of times, weird, especailly when in public, its dangling down your leg. Nice aresenol of backups I might add!
This is all so foreign to me... If it does not have fairies and frills then I know nothing of it. This is all very technical looking!! BTW... I am giving away a gift certificate to Too Sweet this week! And they DO make boy pouches. If you need another back up. Just Sayin'....!
The DL said…
I only use my clip when I sleep, otherwise I just put it in my pocket. I can't believe you have so many though!

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