Definition of Awesomeness

Here we go, the latest post for Diabetes Blog Week!

Yes, it's Friday The Thirteenth. I get it. But fully aware that I risk jinxing myself by offering this thought, here goes: Awesome Things. That's the assignment we're writing about today. Back in February the #DSMA Blog Carnival challenged us to write about the most awesome thing we've done DESPITE diabetes. Now, we'll put a twist on that topic and focus on the good things The D has brought in life. What awesome thing have I done BECAUSE of diabetes?

Well, I think joining this community is probably one of the most awesome things I've done as a direct result of Living With Diabetes. Friendships made, different perspectives discovered, more appreciation for my own D-Life and how we're all connected and part of a bigger picture. That's enabled me to become more open and honest and accountable about my own D-Management, and that's led to better health overall.

But this is not about ME; it's about ALL OF US. Every single Person With Diabetes.

How do I put this all into words, the impact this has had on me and how that in turn has had a ripple effect on others? So many messages and comments come my way and each and every one touches my heart. While it's impossible to put one ahead of another, this one recent message from a fellow Person With Diabetes illustrates what I'm trying to say perfectly and so I share that message as evidence to why this community is so incredibly awesome.

"I cannot possibly tell you how your blogs have helped me! You are the reason I have become addicted to the online community. I have fallen off the wagon countless times in my 30 years of being a PWD and since I began reading about you, I have really developed a new appreciation for myself and the importance of good self care. I know it wasn't a goal for you to help me specifically, but I want you to know that you absolutely have, tremendously!!!! I want you to feel great and proud about what you do online to communicate, inform and advocate as well as the things you do with events you attend - especially Government Day! So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Michael! You have really touched my life!"

WOW. Seriously. Wow.

All I can really say is: No, thank you. This brings tears to my eyes, and I'm so incredibly glad you found some inspiration from whatever I put out there. But I'm nobody special, there are so many others out there who I would write this exact thing about. That's exactly what I get from every single person out there in this ever-expanding online community, and together we're making a difference and touching those who might need it. We're all a part of the puzzle in making this Community the awesome thing that it is.

To me, that is the definition of awesomeness.


Pearlsa said…
"that is the definition of awesomeness" I agree with you :-)
There is no denying it. That is truly awesome. Way to go.
Heidi / D-Tales said…
Absolutely, positively awesome. :) Feel good about that! :)
Liz said…
You are, without doubt, one of the "Awesomenes" things that D has brought to me. You and the DOC! Thanks for "just being you"!!!!
Vivian said…
Thank you for posting this. I love this community and the cycle of love it breeds.
Cherise said…
Awesome-community full of love, hope and family:) a bunch of helping hands
Kelly Booth said…
Those messages bring tears to my eyes when I get then also & that is what it is all about. The DOC is awesome!
Unknown said…
Right back at ya Mr. Awesome!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and appreciating your part b/c you are a male and about my age...fine...ahemm...a little younger than me... and that I feel you know what it was like (on some level...even though management and technology has changed) for Joe. I appreciate your posts, your depth, and your humor. MIKE.YOU.ARE. AWESOME!
Stacey D. said…
That is quite awesome Mike. And it is well deserved! :-)
colleen said…
Way darn cool...
Isn't it nice to know that someone was helped by you?
Pat on the back!
Jess said…
yes. just yes.
Simon said…
And I quote "Wow, simply Wow!". The DOC certainly os a richer place because of Mike Hoskins.
I have been honored to share such moments of connection with you in the year or so that I have known you and I look forward to sharing many more.
A fantastic post

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