Saturday Snapshots

This is the sixth day of Diabetes Blog Week, created by Karen over at Bitter~Sweet Diabetes. We're supposed to have a Snapshot Saturday here today. While some will likely tell little stories with their reels of photos, I've got nothing... The brain is tapped. So, here are some random photo highlights from my recent D-Past. Enjoy.

One of the many many cool things that happened at JDRF Government Day in March was meeting Olympic gold medalist Gary Hall Jr, who I looked up to as being a Type 1 swimmer who swam all four years of high school. Snapping a photo with this guy was simply awesome - it was great meeting you, Gary!

Recently attended this awesome event that raised thousands for the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana... AND my loving and wonderful spouse got up there on stage for an act with a few others. While they didn't win the ultimate prize, they were all 10s in my book!

My meter is pimped out. And that's just cool to say.

Usually, this is how I wear my pump - on my beltline using a holster for quick and easy access.

 But sometimes, crap happens and for no reason the holster just snaps. For no apparent reason.

 And so, I resort to my Backup Supply of cases and holsters as seen below.

Lastly, I leave you with one of my favorite D-Related photos ever snapped... World Domination Plotting Shadow Cat. Yes, that is what you think it is on her head. This is the reason my cat hates me...

"I will dispose of you, idiot. Quickly & efficiently."
AFTERNOON UPDATE: Lastly, what happens when you see a 39 mg/dL on your BG meter in the middle of the afternoon? Well, you may very well go for this below:

Two apple juice boxes, 2 pudding cups, one yogurt,
one applesauce, and five little fruit snack packs.
Can you see overtreating??? I certainly can.
And for the record: my BG a few hours later hit 500 mg/dL.
Got it back down In Range by bedtime, though, so there's that...

So what do these pictures teach us? Um... I have no idea. But I'm sure you can glean something from them. Or not. Hope you at least enjoyed them.


colleen said…
I did enjoy them. Thanks!
Lora said…
That cat kinda look pissed... just sayin!
Anonymous said…
What did you have to do to get the cat to sit there while you took that pic? She doesn't look happy!
Liz said…
I enjoy seeing your pictures, so I got "that" from them. The cat looks so pissed, very funny!
Heidi / D-Tales said…
Great photos! It felt as if I were flipping through your personal photo album.

How cool that you met Gary Hall, Jr!

Your cat looks just like my childhood cat. Funny photo!
Pearlsa said…
Great snapshots
Vivian said…
Great shots. I think we have a complete closet full of back up stuff too. lol It adds up fast. You and Kerri should so introduce Shadow and Siah. They look to have lots in common. ;)
FatCatAnna said…
If I tried what you did to your cat - I would once again have to go to a clinic - my lion cat caused great havoc to my flesh when I attempted to break up a "discussion" between her and my older cat (my hubby calls our new cat Whack Job - I called her Mia) -
Mike Durbin said…
Dude, if that cat could talk, you'd be getting an ear full. lol

side note: the captcha I'm about to type is "vicats"
Anonymous said…
I didn't recognize him without his swim trunks!
Unknown said…
My cat always looks pissed...and I don't even torment him with D paraphenalia.

Gary Hall is uber-tall!!!

Great pix.

Bummer on the 39 though.
Jess said…
love it, mike! i totally hear you on the overtreating thing.

and i know who to call the next time i need a clip or holster. holy crap, mike! ;)
Meagan said…
Loved the "overtreating" pic, I've sooooo been there!!! Also, angry cat is hilarious. :)
Tricia said…
Your pictures are GREAT! Have to say I think I appreciate the one of the cat the most;)
Unknown said…

That last It seemed so familiar. Sometimes I wonder if D is different when you grow up. That picture affirms it's still the same stuff, different day.

Meow. Love that one ;)

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