Restless nights and needed 3 a.m. bloodtestings to help garner better control are taking their toll. Today was a prime example. Since waking up, I've felt as though I'm sleepwalking through the hours, dazed and not fully conscience. This was the first day I can recall seeing bags under my eyes, though I'm sure they'be been present before. Riding the elevator up to my second-floor office, I stood in the elevator in a daze for about a minute before realizing I hadn't moved. Why? Apparently I'd pushed the first floor button, telling the elevator I wasn't really interested in going there.

Rest of the day was much the same - trying to meet deadlines with the helpful boost of coffee. Low sugar at lunchtime made things interesting, as always. But managed to get through the day.

Ultimately, I'm willing to deal with a week's worth of tiredness to help get a feel for how the nighttime sugars are looking. Getting basals precise makes it worthwhile.

Now, I've eaten my mac and cheese for dinner and am quickly plotting my bedtime, which will come several hours before usual. Catch up time! Here's to being refreshed come the morning!


Kevin said…

Just wanted to drop you a note. I've only been following your blog for a week or so, but I wanted to let you know I like your writing and appreciate sharing all this with us.

I hope you get your basal rates figured out and catch up on some rest!

Have a great weekend.

- Kevin

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