Those who know me realize this isn't an odd time for me to be fully awake. Midnight majesty, golden hours of writing, yada yada.... Tried going to bed, but some pain in the feet and legs kept me up - too uncomfortable and didn't want to disturb her sleep. So, I'm up. Haven't had this much trouble sleeping in a while. Blood sugars are in much better control, so maybe it's the "getting bad in order to get better." Been there before. Hope that's the case. So, here we are.

With that, I give you 10 random tidbits at this 2 a.m. hour.

1. I'd rather be asleep next to my wife, snuggling and sleeping soundly.
2. Waiting patiently, with yawns, for that nightime 2:30-3 a.m. blood test.
3. Massive coffee, tea drinking to ward off the yawns - wonder what actual effect they have on my BGs.
4. iTunes playing.... Mistakenly didn't delete all the Xmas tunes, it seems. Oh well - Blue Christmas is a good, all-year round tune, right? Can't go wrong with The King. Nor Sinatra.
5. Must fax my blood readings to endo Monday morning.
6. Hope a new pump is on the horizon this coming month....Want a Cozmo. Bye bye, Minimed.
7. Cat is fully awake in and in her prime play mode.... I should get out the laser level and start her chase... Too bad I can't count that as exercise and get lower BGs from it.
8. Deadline week at the paper - it'll be a busy one, at least in first couple days.
9. Lab work set for 9 a.m. Wednesday. Hope the A1c has improved, and urinanalysis doesn't yield bad things...
10. Ezekiel 25:17 - "The path of the rightous man..... shepard the weak through Valley of Darkness... brother's keeper... " Pulp Fiction - good movie. Mmmm, royale with cheese.

Ok. The yawning is overwhelming. Blood test time. Then, a long overdue good night. The pain has subsided, at least as I sit here on the computer plugging away. So, we'll attempt that sleep thing again. Night night.


Anonymous said…
You use a laser level to play with your cat, too? All of my laser pointers would go through the batteries really quickly - the level has lasted a year already!

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