What's in a name?

My wife calls me bionic-man. Yes, the pump brings the nickname. But, in return, I feel no need to name my insulin pump. This seems like an odd thing to do - more of an adoloscent, or womanly thing, to do. Why do this? Mine is charcoal gray, and when I switch to the Cozmo, I'll likely go with the color more resembling black. No need for pink, purple, blue, or strange colors. Again, no my kind of thing. Elvis, Ralph, Fred, or Bob aren't the kinds of names for a medical device, or inatimate object such as this. Of course, this train of thought hasn't stopped me from naming our 7-foot ficus tree - "Spaudling," you know, from Caddyshack. We were going to go with Finch, but a former ficus in my good bud's condo had taken that name already. But, what's good for the ficus isn't good enough for the pump. That's where I draw the line.


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