Diabetes and the Law

Legal issues intersect with every aspect of life. Including diabetes. So, in browsing the Internet recently, I came across a California attorney specializing in legal issues involving diabetes. Everything from employment and labor disputes, issues with the BMVs and drivers licenses, HMOs and types of care. The attorney is based in Santa Monica, named Kriss Halpern - here's his website. Interesting stuff. Brings to mind the recent story about the troop they wouldn't let serve in Iraq at first because of his diabetes, or another couples ones here from northern Indiana - police not recognizing signs of low blood sugars, and misinterpreting reactions to be signs of drunkness or resistance... Resulted in beatings, arrests and other litigation-sparring situations. One from last fall, when the family of a diabetic man challenged the police assertion that he smelled of alcohol when officers touched off a violent confrontation that ended with the man in a coma. Suit came from that one. Lot of contentious issues, so always good to have an attorney or someone with legal (or perceived legal) knowledge on tap.


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