Changing pumps

Hoping for a new pump. Have been on the Minimed since starting pump therapy in May 2001. I've never had much problem - my mother has always told me I'm the poster child for them, while she is the polar opposite and had nothing but trouble with the company and device. She's changed to the Deltec Cozmo, and that's a route I'm hoping to take soon. Mostly, I like the features the Cozmo has much the same as Minimed, except I'm very impressed with it's connecting blood meter and computer connectivity. The largest concern I've had with Minimed is the customer service - they're not that bright, it seems. And, usually takes more than one call to sort out problems. Never fond of that. On that customer service note, it turns out that the pump rep who sold me the Minimed (up in Michigan) now works for Smith Medical (the Deltec people). Good person, so that has helped sell me on it. And he's connected me to another good person in this Indy area. So, it's been good all around. The doc is going over the possibility and I hope to hear in the next week the liklihood of this change and how quickly it can happen.


Unknown said…
I, too, started on a Minimed, and then switched to Smith Medical/Cozmo. My reasons: customer support, problems with the 511 (which a Medtronic rep even told me was not a good model: when I asked why it had not been recalled, the rep said it wasn't bad enough!) Problems with wrong orders, equipment that went bad, the "Pathway" program that costs money when you do upgrade (Smith Medical upgrades for free), the Minimed BD meter that is no longer supported by BD--I simply had enough. I really like the Cozmo, and recommend it to you.

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