Shuddering in the shower

Anyone who's diabetic (especially long-termers) knows about the coldness that comes with reaction. I re-lived that today with a morning low, with blood sugars dipping below the 46 reading after-the-fact. Sleeping in - no oversleeping - isn't really a new concept on my part. But today it was a little much. Waking up, I sensed the low but didn't fully recognize the demon as it was. So, to the shower. Water's on, but not hot enough. Turn the hot water knob to the left. Still shivering. More. Worked for a moment, but the coldness quickly returns. After standing in the water shivering for about 15 minutes, it finally dawned on me - yep, this is a reaction. Ended shower, went downstairs for sugar. Of course, it wasn't that easy. Jar of glucose tablets (grape) are work on the desk. No OJ made. No candy nearby. I contemplated the glucagon (Yuck-a-gon) in the fridge, but thought better. Finally found some of the wife's cranberry apple juice (yuck!), so endured the 10 ounces. Had a bagel with PB. Snatched a random square of cornbread in a glass dish that sat on the stove overnight. That all started helping. A test moments later yielded the 46. But, it was on the way back up. Mmmmm... warmth returns!

This wasn't the worst reaction ever, by far. Unfortunately, there's been worse. At school. At work. Driving. Swinging at people we love. Some came with getting started on the pump, others came with tight control, and that seems to be the only bonus (short-sighted and selfish as it may be) to not count carbs or keep sugars under control. The most frustrating was when they happened without explanation, but all were unwelcome. Here's to hoping they don't happen again, or if the reaction does arrive, that it only brings a little shuddering in the shower.


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